If it ain't Broke, Don't fix it!

If it ain't Broke, Don't fix it!

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Welcome to my corner of the world


My Name is Scooter Conrad.

I am a Retired professional Miscellaneous Metals Detailer (drafter).

Computers have been in my life since early 1978.  My first was the Apple IIe.

I also started as an Ironworker that same year, a far cry from computers.

It was the fastest way to make good money and be with my husband for more then 5 hours a day.

Life deals out many turns and brought me to where I am today: happily Retired!


I've learned a great deal in the past years and am quite proud of my accomplishments.

I will continue to educate myself and improve my knowledge of the world around me.

The site will Grow and Change, so come back. My web space is finite and I have meager income 

I'm Learning this new way of producing a webpage.

It will take time to learn the "Ins & Outs" of GoDaddy's Website Builder'.

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